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On Jaunty

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Just updated.
Brightness works out of the box if you have patched dsdt in initramfs =)
Sound works and not integrated mic.
Video/3D works with fglrx.
S1/AV and fn keys works.
I saw that usb flash/hdd drives are fast now but system load too much.

I guess I have problems with wireless, poor performance. I’ve noticed it because I’m using NFS shares through wifi, e.g. watching movies. And on Jaunty nautilus and player hangs more of a time. Something wrong there. Do you have such problems?

Written by egaistek

April 27, 2009 at 17:02

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Moved to Intrepid

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So I have updates to 8.10 completly.

Wifi works out of box.

Fglrx installed from Hardware Drivers works. Compiz works with fglrx (but there is still a scrolling lag in Firefox, so I’m not using Combiz because of that).

Audio works (using ALSA everywhere). When you plugin headphones laptop speakers does not turn off.

I can’t make work a radeonhd driver from repos, I guess I need to compile a new one.

Edu mentioned that we can enable brightness control with radeonhd, I’m going to do that after I make radeonhd works. (checked, xbacklight does not work)

Bluetooth works (my switcher not).

My wireless mouse works (well it works anywhere 🙂

Undervolting stops working, need update for new kernel. My CPU is cool enough I guess (41C right now).UPD

I have moved back to powernowd from cpufreqd (cpu is hotter with it, maybe someone saw that too?)

I thought there will be new OpenOffice 3, but there is only 2.4, and old Firefox (3.0.3)

P.S. Tried to update another laptop today, but repos speed is too low, maybe it’s overloaded, seems people update their Ubuntu today too =)

P.P.S. I’ll update post if remember something bad =)

UPD: xbacklight does not work.

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November 9, 2008 at 01:54

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Stay Wireless

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My laptop have Atheros AR928x wireless card installed, and it’s not work in Ubuntu by default.

Earlier, madwifi drivers was the best for Atheros cards, now madwifi not work for my card. But they have released opensource driver for new chips like AR928x and it’s named ath9k.

More information is on kernel wireless ath9k page.

You can download it here http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download

I have 2.6.24-21 kernel on Hardy at the moment, so I downloaded compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2

Then done this:
tar jxvf compat-wireless-old.tar.bz2
cd compat-wireless-2.6-old
sudo make install
sudo make unload
sudo make load
sudo modprobe ath9k

Now if you run iwconfig, you should get something like this:
wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn ESSID:"spongebob"

It means that driver is working and we have wireless interface. Now you can right click on network manager in tray and select your wireless network (you should disconnect ethernet first).

P.S. To compile driver, you shoud have developer packages is installed i.e. autoconf, linux-headers etc

UPD: For those who have Intel PRO Wireless 5000 card please read this comment describing how to install driver for Intel PRO Wireless 5000 and check topic on ubuntuforums.org

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September 11, 2008 at 08:24

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