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Make it Surround

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If you have movies with 5.1 or 4 channels, e.g. DVD, Blue-Ray etc. You can listen all this channels in you headphones! Without any expensive sound system.

Our Realtek chip which is installed in FW series have Virtual Surround technology based on HRTF.

Windows drivers have a switch to enable it in settings. But for Ubuntu it’s a little bit different. Ubuntu have ALSA audio system/drivers and have special plugin for HRTF which is not installed by default. You need to install alsa plugins package libasound2-plugins. Then open/create a file in your home directory named .asoundrc and type this text inside:

pcm.!surround51 {
        type vdownmix
        slave.pcm default

pcm.!surround40 {
        type vdownmix
        slave.pcm default

Now if player using all channels, vdownmix plugin downmix all channels into 2.

Here is how to enable all channels in SMPlayer (based on MPlayer). Goto Option->Preferences, on the left select General, select Audio tab and change there Channels by default to 6.

P.S. You can test surround with this command in terminal:

speaker-test -Dsurround51 -c6 -l1 -twav

This will make sound for each channel.

UPD: If you have some problems about can not open device etc, try this:

sudo alsa force-reload

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September 15, 2008 at 05:49

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