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Brightness fix for Lucid from Joe L

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As I have not moved to Lucid yet, not much played with brightness.

Then thanks to Joe L, I guess he found a universal brightness fix for Ati and radeon/hd drivers in Lucid. Read it, try it and report back how it works 🙂

Written by egaistek

July 21, 2010 at 09:04

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Lucid brightness control progress

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I have spend some time on figuring out what’s broken in Lucid for brightness. It actually works through HAL and I can control it with python or shell scripts manually hooked to acpi events for Fn keys. But it’s a dirty hack.
So then I finally figured out that gnome-power-manager is responsible for osd notification of brightness control and for handling Fn brightness keys, and it is broken. It’s broken somehow partially because you can control brightness through power preferences (which is gnome-power-manager itself).
While I’m hacking a power manager the easiest way to control brightness is to add Brightness Applet on the gnome panel and control it with mouse scroll wheel.

P.S. I guess there is a way to add AV Mode key support without patching sony-laptop module.

Written by egaistek

May 20, 2010 at 12:17

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