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4Gb Ram

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If you have 4Gb ram installed, you probably see only 3Gb in System Monitor.
To make your system see all 4Gb you need to install a version of kernel for servers.

sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.24-21-server linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-21-server

Then reboot to this kernel. That’s the newest version at the moment for Hardy.

Written by egaistek

September 11, 2008 at 03:16

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  1. hello, Im new to linux and ubuntu and cant seem to apt-get this package, “E: Couldn’t find package linux-image-2.6.24-21-server”

    is there a specific repository I can add? or how can I do it from a source package (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/2.6.24-21.42)?

    P.S. Your work is great and has helped me get my FW190 working very well.


    September 14, 2008 at 09:15

  2. Hello mohammad. You can try to search the package apt-cache search linux-image-2.6.24-21-server.
    Or maybe you have old package list and you need it update using this command sudo apt-get update then try search or install again.
    Or you can install server kernel of your current version sudo apt-get install linux-image-server


    September 15, 2008 at 05:03

  3. I managed to install the package (linux-image-2.6.24-21-server) by selecting the “proposed” option in software resources & I added launchpad.net repository. Unfortunately the kernel does not work on my FW-190 (Centrino 2 P8600 processor) – Ubuntu loads, logs in, then im left with a white screen and just a mouse. I tried a few other kernels before this all with the same problem; linux-image-2.6.24-19-server, linux-image-2.6.24-20-server

    is there any way I could be getting bad/old packages? Im not sure how kernels work, could some other package be incompatible and break it?

    I will undo what I did and download the way you posted. Right now everything works with linux-image-2.6.24-19-generic except the 4gb of ram and some function feys.


    September 16, 2008 at 00:40

  4. Mohammad, if your Ubuntu loads till login screen, kernel is working ok.
    I guess you see white screen because of Intel graphics you have in your model or possibly you have compiz enabled with default ati driver? You can try to kill it, push Ctrl+Alt+F1 you will get into console, then enter your login and password. Then type ps -A | grep -i compiz and if you get a list with “compiz.real” type DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace then push Ctrl+Alt+F7 it will bring you back to Gnome and maybe without white screen.
    Have you installed linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24-21-server and linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-21-server packages?


    September 16, 2008 at 00:59

  5. Thanks it works! I just uninstalled compiz, added thoes packages and it booted fine. Then i renstalled compiz and all is well.


    September 17, 2008 at 00:47

  6. Ok, I guess I should write post about white screen with compiz.


    September 17, 2008 at 03:31

  7. Hi egaistek,

    After installing server kernel, when laptop turns to idle, after 10-15minutes I get a kernel panic error:

    Code: Bad EIP value
    EIP: [] 0x1 SS:ESP 0068:f583be80
    Kernel Panic – not syncing: fatal exception in interrupt

    This didn’t happen to me with generic kernel. Have you detected that problem? Do you have any idea what shoult I check? I suspect this can have something to do with wifi, but not sure…



    December 9, 2008 at 22:54

  8. josepcoves, a bad EIP value indicates something *very* wrong: an EIP is the x86 instruction pointer; something very low level you normally would not have to deal with.

    If you can make this happen again and again, you might want to consider filing a bug against the kernel at either launchpad (http://www.launchpad.net) or on the LKML itself. The former is probably easier, the latter is the actual place kernel developers discuss stuff. (You might want to know your stuff if you post there. If you are not an experienced user, I’d recommend launchpad.)


    January 17, 2009 at 20:14

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